Business Oriented Architecture

The new BPM for IT

Business Oriented Architecture

Working with your team to complete a formal analysis and documentation of business activities where experts identify improvement opportunities and requirements for optimization, automation and integration.  Our primary focus will be to assist you with the development and strengthening of your processes to enhance your organizational capabilities and create value.

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Enabling Enterprises

Sath's Business Oriented Architecture service enables enterprises to reduce compliance violations and their associated risks, increase business agility,increase market share and revenue through efficient organizational process, reduce operational risk,improve productivity by reducing operation's cost and time, improve product and service quality, ensure benefits harvesting from ERP implementation in the long run, and most importantly our service empowers the organization to Move to a Continuous Improvement Stage.

Business Oriented Architecture

Our Expertise include:

  • Program Management & Governance

  • Project Management

  • Process Design & Integration

  • Process Automation

  • Support


How It Works?

Our Team of experts utilize the following tools to provide and deliver Business Oriented Architecture and its model for Business Improvement.

  • Business Process Management (BPM),

  • Interoperable Applications and Functions,

  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and

  • High Performance Distributed Computing

How we are Different!

How It's Implemented?

Sath implements Business Oriented Architecture and its model for Business Improvement following the steps below;

  • Completing a formal analysis and documentation of business activities by the internal business experts. 

  • Identifing improvement opportunities and requirements for process optimization, automation and integration. 

  • Our Business Experts implement process optimization requirements. 

  • Our IT Experts apply SOA, distributed computing and interoperable environments to satisfy automation and integration requirement.

program management and governance   Program Management & Governance

Our Program Management and governance offering helps an organization identify, model, develop, deploy, and manage their automated and manual business programs/processes. Our business partners TIBCO and Nimbus can aid your organization in identifying bottlenecks in process, establish visibility and controls for business managers to manage running process, target performance objectives for improved process and suggest changes to enhance efficiency of process.

  • Manage End-to-End business processes combining manual and systems supported activities.

  • Facilitate processes execution and follow up.

  • Define and monitor process performance indicators.

  • Implement changes in a quick but controlled manner to response to market or regulatory changes.

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project management   Project Management

Sath applies PMI standard practices which ensure:

  • Scope, schedule and budget control

  • High quality results

  • Appropriate resources allocation

process design and integration   Process Design & Integration

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions use various models of middleware to centralize and standardize integration practices across an entire infrastructure.

Rather than each application requiring a separate connector to connect to every other connector, components in an EAI-based infrastructure use standardized methods to connect to a common system that is responsible for providing integration, message brokering, and reliability functionalities to the entire network.

  • Intelligent Routing of information based on content.

  • Rapid addition and modification of systems to integration platform.

  • No-coding approach with the help of adapters.

  • Serves as a middleware to provide.

  • Automatic Data Transformation.

  • Communication between systems.

  • Access to system interfaces.

  • Basic integration technology for extract/load, translate and transport.

  • Sharing data between two application systems like legacy systems, ERP software, and web-based applications.

Process Integration Image

process automation   Process Automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the strategy a business uses to automate business processes that integrate your knowledge, workers and the processes your business depends on.  This strategy resulting in reducing cost of business and increasing return on investment by expediting the processes. The business process is the flow of information and BPA is the practice of analyzing, documenting, optimizing and then automating business processes. Business Process Automation consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organization.

  • Improves the accuracy of the information transferred

  • Ensures the repeatability of the value-added tasks performed.

  • Increase in percent of error-free work.

  • Reduction in cycle time

  • Improvement in delivery time

  • Enforces a fluid, repeatable workflow

Process Automation Image

Support   Support

After implementation, Sath provides support for:

  • Business Process Modeling updates

  • Process improvement

  • Process automation

  • Staff training in BMP practices