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This is a full service IM Solution. What the managed services provides is either support and improvement of your current system in place or a system created from scratch based on your company’s specific needs.

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Weblogic monitoring with Zabbix using JMX

Weblogic monitoring with Zabbix using JMX In this Tutorial, I will monitor Oracle Identity Manager’s health state. Here we have 1 Admin server, 2 oim server, and 2 soa servers. Step 1: Login to WebLogic console. 1st step is log in to the WebLogic console with Weblogic account. You will get the following console after login. Every server has its “State” = Running. In this Tutorial, we will only monitor the “state” of the server, so if it’s not on“Running” state then Zabbix will trigger an alert...

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Cybersecurity in 2015-part 1

In a short 4 part series we take a look at all the cybersecurity issues that the US government faced in 2015. Cybersecurity 2015             The...

TUCON 2012 Round up

September 24 – 27, 2012, Aria, Las Vegas What makes a good company different from a great company. In this modern world of digital information,...