Our Process

This is a full service IM Solution. What the managed services provides is either support and improvement of your current system in place or a system created from scratch based on your company’s specific needs.

Weeks to complete

Scope (4 weeks)

Assessment & Discovery

Here is where you tell us how you want your system to function. From this we access what is in place based off what you want.

Conceptual Design

From our findings we discuss what we can add, improve, or remove from your system to get to the functionality you want your system to have.

Service Agreement

Based off our findings and what is discussed about your current system we come to an agreement on what you want your new system to be able to do.

Design (8 weeks)

Requirement Assessment

A detailed requirement assessment is formed and discussed. A formal document stating the steps we will take to get to the creation of the new system.

Solution Architecture

A full system breakdown/blueprint of how everything will work is created and discussed.

Service Level Definition

Here is where we layout exactly what we will be doing, the system we will be building and the level to which you can expect your system to work.

Transition (12 weeks)


The actual creation or support of your system begins. We go in and implement what changes or additions or removals need to be made to your system.


We then validate the effectiveness of the system and test that everything is running smoothly and ready to go live.


You go LIVE!!!! The system is rolled out to you and your organization for everyday use.

Steady state (6 weeks)



Checks to the system are made to make sure there are no problems and all systems are still functioning as they were designed to.


Any and all of the most recent and up to date patches are installed to your system so that the functionality never drops off.


Continued communication and collaboration is done with your staff to address any problems or issues that may have risen.


24/7/365 Support



Additional services


Now that your system is in place. Where do you go from here? What is next? Let Sath help you along this path.

Compliance Assessment

Sath can monitor your systems to ensure all the necessary compliance requirements are up to date and applied.


We can take a snapshot of where your company is at that moment and what areas of need might arise from this.

What’s next

it security

Start Feasibility Study

Your Sath team will start with a site visit and feasibility study. We then work with you to review your system needs, budget and finalize your layout to create conceptual design and timeline with benchmarks. Contact us today to start the study.

Estimated Costs

Figure out the Total Cost of Ownership of managing your own Identity and Access Management System or the Return on Investment of letting the experts handle that for you. Click the button below to take our simple questionnaire.