Identity Access & Governance

Right Access for Right People to Right Systems

Our holistic and integrated approach is unmatched within the industry. We utilize all industry best practices. The technology we use allows us to provide our clients a completely customized Identity Access Management solution which includes; governance of identity and access, user provisioning, managing role based access control, facilitating regulatory compliance and password synchronization. Our team of qualified and talented individuals understand all the complexities and challenges associated with Identity & Access Management and have emerged as leaders and innovators.

Enabling Enterpriser Identity, Access & Governance

Enabling Enterprises

Our Identity, Access and Governance services enable our clients to manage the full life cycle of a user’s identity across the client’s resources both within and beyond the firewall and independently from the client’s applications. In other words, Sath’s Identity & Access Management holistic approach allows organizations to clearly separate business logic from security and resource management, thus promoting development agility, accountability and lowering maintenance costs.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Program Management & Governance
  • Project Management
  • Process Design & Integration
  • Process Automation
  • Software Development
  • Training
  • Support

How Does It Work?

A coherent set of technology projects is far more efficient and effective than discrete and disjointed projects. Sath provides a comprehensive set of industry-leading Identity & Access Management services such as:

  • Identity Administration and Role Management
  • User Provisioning and Compliance
  • Web Applications and Web Services Access Control
  • Single Sign-On and Federated Identities
  • Fraud Detection
  • Strong, Multi Factor Authentication and Risk Management
  • User Attestation and Re-Certification
  • Audit and Reports

Every Sath Identity & Access Management solution implementation leverages the best-in-class, highly scalable directory and identity visualization services. This allows us to maximize operational efficiency and ensures the highest levels of performance.

How is it Implemented?

Sath can implement an Identity & Access Management solution separately or together as an integrated suite of Identity and Access services. The various components making up Identity & Access Management are designed to work together to satisfy each Identity Management and Access Control requirement throughout the business transaction. Sath can integrate seamlessly with many applications across multiple vendors including, but not limited to:

  • Directories and Platforms: Active Directory, LDAP, Java, dotNet, PHP
  • Collaboration: Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Google Apps, Office 365, SharePoint
  • Databases: Oracle DB, MS SQL, DB2, MySQL, Postgres, JDBC
  • Servers: Windows, Mainframe, Unix, AIX, Linux
  • Standards: SOAP, SPML, DSML, SCIM, JMS, SAML, WS-Fed
  • ERP: Peoplesoft, SAP, Oracle EBS, Oracle HRMS
  • Human Resources: Taleo, Success Factors, Workday, Salesforce, SugarCRM
  • Infrastructure: VMware, Amazon AWS, OpenStack, Avaya, Cisco, Asterisk
    and many more…

Our Methodology makes us Different

Program Management & Governance
We believe governance involves going beyond the tools of Identity & Access Management. We build a strategic partnership with our clients by understanding their business requirements and the policies they need to meet. Our Process Management and Governance expertise allows us to bring a holistic approach to implementing Identity Access and Risk Management:

  • Design your Identity & Access Management strategy and your Governance Risk Management strategy for role modeling
  • Resource assignment and align your policy requirements with Identity & Access Management processes
  • Understand and adhere to your reporting and auditing requirements and ensure these requirements are being met by the Identity & Access Management system
Project Management
Our experts understand the complexities that come with an Identity, Access and Governance project and the delicate interaction between all the connected systems. A critical factor in the implementation and success of an Identity, Access and Governance system is the seamless integration it has with all the other organizational systems. We provide our expertise and experience in keeping this delicate balance through our project management offering.
Process Design & Integration
An effective and successful Identity & Access Management system needs to be seamlessly integrated with all organizational aspects including;

  • Business processes with compliance
  • IT infrastructure
  • HR
  • Vendor management
  • The sales force and many more…

Sath enables your Identity & Access Management system to centrally integrate with multiple spheres of your organization and make them part of an organizational process as opposed to a silo system.

Process Automation
We have the capability to implement Identity Management systems across multiple geographical locations all over the globe and in a variety of languages. Our talented team of experts have connected:

  • Hundreds of target systems in the Identity Management environment
  • Hundreds of roles and thousands of resources in an Identity Management system
  • Automated the provisioning and password synchronization across all systems
Software Development
Identity & Access Management requires custom coding for some of its processes. One of Sath’s niche offerings is Software Development. Our in-house software development processes are well equipped to create:

  • Custom coding for user interfaces
  • Back-end processing
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Work flows
  • Business processing agents 

Then integrate them with the Identity & Access Management system.

All of Sath’s staff undergo intensive training on software, implementation, development, delivery and project management. They hone their skills in one of our six different lab environments. All of this is done before they are tasked with a client project. We have implemented a systematic training program that all hires follow and the program includes:

  • Knowledge transfer sessions to ensures a complete understanding of the system by a client team
  • Peer Mentoring Program
  • Documentation and knowledge base
  • Offer global knowledge of the system for future customization
Support and Managed Services
We deliver the best customer support to our clients. Our work does not stop at just implementing a successful system, we offer multiple ongoing support models for projects with specifically defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Certificate Signing Request (CSR):

  • Fully Managed Identity & Access Services
  • Level 3 support augmented to the customer’s support team
  • Ad hoc hourly support for critical incidents
  • SLA driven model